Controversy and Twitter Likes

News 08:12 December 2019:

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If you are looking for an easy and fast way to get twitter likes, get controversial. Yes, you read right, be controversial. It is important that you understand the roe that social media plays in the life of people today. It is true that I was initially intended to provide an easier and cheaper avenue through which people could communicate and keep in touch. Its role has far evolved the world over and people turn to social media for so many reasons including getting rid of boredom.

That being said, it is important that you understand the very important role that controversy plays in the world of today as far as entertainment goes. Look at the TV shows and radio shows and all these others shows, they breed controversy because they know very well that it will bring them the good ratings that they are aiming for. If you are looking for those twitter likes in huge numbers, get controversial on your tweets, start controversial conversations, start controversial debates and follow controversial people. The likes will follow you right back.