Avoid  the use of automatic favorite for a business account

News 09:07 July 2020:

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Automatic favorite is a service that is engaged by a Twitter account so that it can boost its popularity in the digital; market platform. With the emergence and fast growth of Twitter, having your brand out on such a platform not only makes the name known but it will attract and increase its sales and profits when used accordingly. However having an increased following for your account plays a significant role in your business but how do you gain them? Here is where the use of such services comes into play. But the question that will arise will a having fake “ favorites “ really work for a  brand? In my opinion, it might work for a while and eventually fail and cost the business more regarding reputation.


In many cases, I will advise for the brand to build its self and get good followers and favorites. A company can do this by doing proper research on its services and products, on the consumers and the target market. This should be done way before even setting the company up! Good research from the word go! When all this has been done a brand properly will get its way on the market in the right way through the right channels and reach out to the right target group. When this is done the followers on Twitter will be genuine, and no fake feedback will be outlined in the account.


Once in the market, proper marketing comes in handy, everyone knows when it’s done well, marketing will penetrate to the deep population, promoting the company’s products and services resulting to gaining of sales. With sales done properly eventually profits are expected and will be achieved. It’s a sure thing that with increased market presence, there will be genuine followers on Twitter for the products and that specific brand.


With proper dispensing of its services and products, a company’s  popularity will grow and will be appreciated in all the available social media channels. Twitter is no different for excellent services will be recognized widely. As a result, there will be referrals that will come with these positive feedbacks leading to true and genuine followers. This way there will be members who have used the products and are appreciating the good services they received, such tweets will be favorited and end up putting your company in a good position in the social market.


I am for the opinion of using this right from the word go before setting up a business when this is done properly there won’t be any need to employ these services like automatic favorites to get the brand to the market. The honest and genuine favorites that a tweet or content will receive will come from the customers who have tried and tested the said services. The referral method has been known as a powerful marketing tool, so with happy clients, a company is assured of great referrals and reviews being passed to people’s circles resulting to gaining more customers! Automatic favorite services are not the only way to gain more mileage in the social markets!