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Church is not supposed to be a building full of religious people.

It should be a group of people who believe Jesus gave us the best example for loving God and our neighbors.

About Us

A group of church leaders in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky asked, "What if we joined together with a common goal to bless our city in a few BIG ways?"

That question ignited a movement in our city called the Church of Cincinnati, and we believe this is only the beginning.


OCT-NOV 2013

Over 60 churches in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are going on a common spiritual journey this year called Kingdom Come.

NOV 2013

Combining our efforts over Thanksgiving to bless families in need with a hot meal and a little love from the Church in Greater Cincinnati.

APR 2014

Christ-followers throughout our city will fast (give up) their regular diets for one week and donate their food budgets toward a few great causes that impact our local communities.


...and more to come. facebook youtube

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